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Since 2004, Françoise runs the Etta Mae Inn as Bed & Breakfast, one of the most charming B&B in Takoma Park, Silver Spring and the Washington DC area.

About innkeeper Françoise:
In 1971 Françoise came over as an au pair from Holland, fell in love with the country and has been here ever since. Her unique Dutch style is presentthroughout the B&B from the fresh cooked pastries to the room decor.

The Etta Mae Inn home was purchased in 1987. Françoise has ever since helped to keep the house a part of the Takoma Park community with annual Easter egg hunts, gingerbread house making contests, romantic weddings and other social gatherings.

Françoise is proud of her home’s history and hopes she can welcome you as her guest.

About Etta Mae:

The Etta Mae Inn Bed and Breakfast is rich in history and tells the story of urban development and the transition to modern day Takoma Park, Maryland.

In 1964, Takoma Park residents opened their newspapers one November morning to discover that something called the North Central Freeway would soon come right through their neighbourhood. The ‘Save Takoma Park’ Committee was soon formed to raise money and support, which eventually brought down the freeway proposal in 1970. Their efforts helped save numerous parks and playgrounds as well as many historical neighbourhoods.

Etta Mae Davis was the outspoken leader of the ‘Save Takoma Park’ Committee. In her testimony before the House Subcommittee on Public Roads, Mrs Davis said:

“One saving grace in the fight to save my own home is I have been involved with people of all backgrounds, colours, capabilities, and politics to save their own homes and the Nation’s Capital… I am a conservative and I like that word as I believe in conserving. I would like to see a committee established to take a long look at what man is doing to his environment today… I shudder when I think of the heritage we are leaving our children…”

Her words still ring true today. Her home that she fought so hard to defend is still standing. It is the Grahill-Davis house at 703 New York Avenue in Takoma Park, MD 20910.